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Youth Academy


Boro Primorac

Head of Academy

Rođen: 5.12.1954., Mostar

Playing career: Velež (BOS), Hajduk, Lille, Cannes (FRA)

Coaching career: Cannes, Valenciennes (FRA), Nagoya Grampus (JAP) (Assistant coach), Arsenal (ENG) (Assistant coach)

Goran Sablić

Goran Sablić Assistant Head of the Academy

Hrvoje Vuković

Hrvoje Vuković Assistant Head of the Academy

Marijan Budimir

Marijan Budimir Coach (U19)

Luka Vučko

Luka Vučko Coach (U-18)

Zvonimir Tomić

Zvonimir Tomić Coach (U-17)

Marko Sičić

Marko Sičić Coach (U-16)

Zlatko Jerković

Zlatko Jerković Coach (U-15)

Ivan Vukasović

Ivan Vukasović Coach (U-14)

Roko Španjić

Roko Španjić Coach (U-13)

Ivan Rako

Ivan Rako Coach (U-12)

Ante Puljiz

Ante Puljiz Coach (U-11)

Daniel Vušković

Daniel Vušković Coach (U-10)

Josip Vardić

Josip Vardić Coach (U-9)

Dejan Tomić

Dejan Tomić Coach (U-8)

Darko Franić

Darko Franić Coordinator of goalkeeping coach, coach (U-17, U-15)

Ivica Roguljić

Ivica Roguljić Goalkeeper coach (U-19)

Hrvoje Sunara

Hrvoje Sunara Goalkeeper coach (U-18, U-16)

Mateo Bebić

Mateo Bebić Goalkeeping coach (U-14, U-13)

Goran Blažević

Goran Blažević Goalkeeping coach (U-12, U-11)

Stjepan Radovančić

Stjepan Radovančić Goalkeeping coach (U-10, U-9, U-8)

Mate Radić

Mate Radić Talent scout

Vinko Bego

Vinko Bego Individual coach

Joško Španjić

Joško Španjić Individual coach

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