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Youth Academy

Health and performance department

Medical staff

Ante Bandalović,

Ante Bandalović, Doctor

Tomislav Barić,

Tomislav Barić, Doctor

Boris Bećir,

Boris Bećir, Doctor

Ante Turić,

Ante Turić, Doctor

Juraj Popović,

Juraj Popović, Dentist

Physiotherapy staff

Marin Ivanac

Marin Ivanac Physiotherapist

Matko Jurić

Matko Jurić Physiotherapist

Luka Dagelić

Luka Dagelić Physiotherapist

Ivan Hrgović

Ivan Hrgović Physioterapist

Fitness staff

Ante Jurić

Ante Jurić Fitness coach

Duje Radman

Duje Radman Fitness coach

Veseljko Pivac

Veseljko Pivac Fitness coach

Antonio Plenča

Antonio Plenča Fitness coach

Toni Pašalić

Toni Pašalić Fitness coach

Sports psychologist Doris Matošić Doris Matošić Psychologist

Sports pedagogue

Ana Kegalj

Ana Kegalj Pedagogue

Petra Lozančić

Petra Lozančić Pedagogue

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