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Hajduk & Macron

To mark the 110th anniversary, HNK Hajduk and their technical sponsor Macron, the leading international company in teamwear manufacturing, have unveiled today a new special shirt that will celebrate the history and identity of the Club, as well as the honor of wearing it, on and off the field.

To Macron, sports means effort, passion and determination. The Macron philosophy: “Work hard. Play harder.” inspires all their activities for the teams and athletes with whom they cooperate, designing top quality technical products for them.

Hajduk Macron domaći dres

A golden shirt to celebrate 110 years of history

The special 110-year shirt is all golden, with golden crew neck. The backneck’s personalization is a tribute to the Club’s birthday, featuring the crest and the occasional mark of the years 1911-2021. On the front of the shirt, there are three golden tone on tone vertical bands with thin diagonal lines. A silicone printed black Macron Hero, the logo of the Italian brand, occupies the right chest, thus leaving the left, heart side, to Hajduk Split crest. A customized tape runs along the bottom of the shirt with a repeated Club motto „HAJDUK ŽIVI VJEČNO“ (Hajduk lives forever). An acronym of the motto, „HŽV“, also appears in embossed graphic, tone on tone, on the back collar.

Hajduk Macron domaći dres

The special anniversary kit for Hajduk is completed with golden shorts featuring white drawstrings and golden socks featuring white upper band, the Macron Hero on the front, and the acronym „hžv“ on the back.

Hajduk Macron domaći dres

Home jersey

The 2020-2021 version of the Home shirt reflects the team tradition, reproposing their classic white color. The V neck has red and white rims, color details that appear again on the sleeve edges and the bottom of the shirt. The distinguishing pattern is given by the logo of the Club embossed in the lower left front and the right side appearing more shiny than the rest of the shirt, because entirely embossed.

The backneck is personalized with a label in blue, white and red stripes, the club logo and the words HAJDUK ŽIVI VJEČNO (Hajduk lives forever). This motto is also repeated in acronym form (HŽV) in the embossed print tone on tone on the internal collar. The Macron Hero, logo of the Italian brand, is placed in silicon print on the right chest, thus leaving the left side -- the heart side-- to the patch of the Hajduk Split crest. The shirt has a slim fit cut and micromesh inserts that allow for perfect breathability.

The new home kit for the Hajduk is completed by blue shorts with white drawstrings (white shorts are also available as an alternative) and blue socks featuring the Macron Hero in the front and the name Hajduk in the back (alternatively, the socks may also come in total white).

Hajduk Macron domaći dres

Away jersey

The away Hajduk jersey for the season 2019/2020 was inspired by 1971, the year with a great significance in the history of Hajduk. The Club's alternative shirt back then was red-blue with narrow stripes...

The fans, players, and Club management dreamed of how wonderful it would be to win the title of the national champion in the jubilee year, when Hajduk was celebrating the 60th anniversary. Moreover, 16 years passed since winning the last championship. Three rounds before the end of the season, Hajduk played in Novi Sad, where they beat Vojvodina, which meant the title of the champion was even theoretically secured. The welcome home ceremony after this victory that was organized in Split will remain something indispensable in the history of the city. There were 60 000 supporters at Riva who came to welcome their champions! After the next round when Hajduk celebrated in Belgrade against Partizan, Split saw another celebration. The whole city was once again celebrating and praising the team.

It is interesting that between the penultimate and the last championship game, that is, after they beat Partizan and before the game with Olimpija from Ljubljana, Hajduk played a friendly match with the famous Real Madrid at Stari Plac and it is important to point out that the hosts played in the reserve red and blue jerseys, while leaving their traditional white shirt to the guests from Madrid. Many legendary players played for Hajduk back then and they were: Vukčević (Katalinić), Džoni, Buljan (Ferić), Hlevnjak, Holcer, Boljat, Bošković (Smolčić), Jovanić (Gluić), Nadoveza, Jerković, Pavlica (Ivković).

The "Away" jersey has a Korean collar and vertical red and blue stripes. The backneck is personalized with the club logo and the inscription INSPIRED BY THE 1971 ORIGINAL. On the chest, on the right, is embroidered the Macron Hero, logo of the Italian brand, on the left, heart side, the patch with the club's coat of arms. In the back of the neck is inserted the year of foundation of the Hajduk Split (1911) in Roman numerals, MCMXI. The shorts are blue with white drawstring, the socks are blue and front, in the middle, have the Macron Hero, while on the calf the inscription Hajduk.

Hajduk Macron domaći dres

3rd jersey

The third Hajduk jersey for the season 2019/2020 was inspired by the first years following the Club foundation, more precisely, the year 1912. After the team was formed, they immediately started playing the first games. In 1912, the first nets at Stari plac were set up, goals were painted in red and white following the example set by their sport friends Slavia Prague and the team played games wearing purple shirts and white shorts. Their shirts were in the shades of lavender, one of the most typical symbols of the Mediterranean. Back then, the first team's goalkeeper was the legendary barba Luka Kaliterna, while Nikola Gazdić, the first footballer who scored more than 100 goals for Hajduk, also debuted for Hajduk that year.

Today, 107 years later, HNK Hajduk represents practically a replica of the lavender jersey from that important historical period in which Hajduk was founded. The new lavander shirts are now created in collaboration with our technical sponsor Macron and Hajduk football players will wear the new third kit in some of their upcoming matches. The shirt is purple and the pants and socks are white with lavender motifs.


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