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Second Hajduk Tommy Futsal Cup took place in Split

Second Hajduk Tommy Futsal Cup took place in Split

13/1/2020 - 15:27 h

The second football-futsal tournament "Hajduk Tommy Futsal Cup" for children born 2010 (U-10) took place at Gripe indoor hall in Split. The tournament was organized as a cooperation between HNK Hajduk Split and MNK Split and its participants were numerous partner clubs of Hajduk from Dalmatia.

After the group phase of the competition, Assistant Director of the HNK Hajduk Youth Academy Luka Kaliterna Andro Fistonić and FIFA futsal instructor and the the Finnish futsal team coach Mićo Martić held educational workshop on the importance of futsal in the development of young football players.

The importance of street football for the development of creativity of young football players was particularly emphasized. As today's young generations spend less and less time on the streets and school playgrounds, futsal is emerging as a logical substitute that could attract children to enjoy football and make up for the hours they lack compared to children in Brazil, Argentina and other countries where street football is still present.

The tournament winners were the young players of the team Jadran Tučepi/MNK Novo Vrijeme (plus the coach and some players of NK Brela) who defeated Solin/MNK Solin in the final. In the game for the 3rd place Hajduk Split/MNK Split Tommy defeated the Adriatic/Mejaši team on penalties.

It is interesting that the tournament was played without referees in order to promote fair play among children, coaches and parents and at the same time replicate the children street football.

The next tournament for the kids born 2009 will be held on January 19 at Gripe.

All results:

Solin/MNK Solin - OSK/Trilj 0:0
Joso Bego/Crnica - Solin/MNK Solin 0:2
OSK/Trilj - Joso Bego/Crnica 0:2

Hajduk/MNK Split - GOŠK KG/Bonito 7:0
GOŠK KG/Bonito - Libertas/Square 1:1
Libertas/Square - Hajduk/MNK Split 0:4

Adriatic/Mejaši - Croatia (Z)/Vrgorac Pivac 5:0
Croatia (Z)/Vrgorac Pivac - Jadran (T)/Novo Vrijeme 0:5
Jadran (T)/Novo Vrijeme - Adriatic/Mejaši 0:0

Union/Universitas - Vodice/Heroji 2007 1:0
Neretvanac/AMNK Opuzen - Union/Universitas 1:4
Vodice/Heroji 2007 - Neretvanac/AMNK Opuzen 0:1

QUARTER - FINAL:Solin/MNK Solin - Libertas/Square 1:0
Adriatic/Mejaši - Neretvanac/AMNK Opuzen 4:1
Hajduk/MNK Split - Joso Bego/Crnica 5:1
Union/Universitas -  Jadran (T)/Novo Vrijeme 0:2

Solin/MNK Solin - Adriatic/Mejaši 1:0 (0:0)
Hajduk/MNK Split - Jadran (T)/Novo Vrijeme 0:1 (0:0)

Solin/MNK Solin - Jadran (T)/Novo Vrijeme 1:3


13/1/2020 - 15:27 h
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