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Mariborsko Pohorje has been Hajduk's summer base since 2007

Mariborsko Pohorje has been Hajduk's summer base since 2007

17/7/2018 - 16:56 h
First Team
Photo: Miro Gabela /
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Friendly Miran Ferk and his company Playgreen from Maribor are hosts of current summer preparations, training and friendly games of Hajduk in Slovenia. By tradition, since 2007, Hajduk, with a rare exception, has been using all the numerous sports and accommodation resources available to them at Pohorje for pre-season training camp.

For this season, Hajduk has chosen field number 1 for their preparations in Pohorje sports center, which is used exclusively by coach Željko Kopić and his players for 17 days. It is one of four excellent pitches that is a part of the mentioned "Football Resort" in Pohorje, and from September this year, the hotel group will be extended with the hotel Arena, at the bottom of the slopes where the popular Golden Fox race takes place, hotel and apartments Bolfenk and hotel and apartments Videc.

The hosts also acknowledge the fact that Hajduk has already done much to popularize Maribor in Split, Dalmatia and all over Croatia, and even more, and because of that, as we hear, the City of Maribor should hold one of their promotional activities in Split at the end of September.

Hajduk has been preparing in Slovenia for the last two weeks and the return to Split is planned on Friday.

17/7/2018 - 16:56 h
First Team
Photo: Miro Gabela /
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