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Let's bring children back to playgrounds: practice with us, develop your creativity and football skills

Let's bring children back to playgrounds: practice with us, develop your creativity and football skills

9/9/2020 - 15:41 h

After the futsal tournament and training sessions in many neighborhoods of Split, HNK Hajduk Youth Academy Luka Kaliterna starts with the implementation of the next phase of the project "Let's bring children back to playgrounds".

The modern lifestyle developing a digital society, and accordingly, children at the earliest age have access to mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Apart from all the positive effects, such as digital literacy and access to information, this trend also brings negative specifics such as excessive playing of video games, and consequently a sedentary lifestyle and lack of recreation.

In order to bring children back to playgrounds, this part of the project uses digital media for the purpose of educating and motivating children to engage in football and different exercises for the purpose of improving personal football skills which are essential for individual development in this sport.

On Monday (September 14) on our YouTube channel we will publish over 100 different football exercises that are practiced at Hajduk Youth Academy, and which with a little effort you can easily practice at home or on your neighborhood playgrounds and recreation areas.

Football exercises will be arranged in chronological order:

PLAYGROUND - exercises and games for the youngest children (U8-U11)

YOUTH ACADEMY - exercises and games suitable for children who have started serious football training (U12-U14)

POLJUD - exercises that are suitable for players who have been engaged in serious football training for a longer time (U15-U17).

Go out on the playgrounds, practice, develop your football skills and creativity. We hope that many of you will become members of HNK Hajduk Youth Academy Luka Kaliterna, which is the best way to realize your dreams and one day play at crowded Poljud stadium.


9/9/2020 - 15:41 h
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