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Inter Z.

Inter Z.

Round 9
Venue: Split
Date: 22/9/2019
Referees: Dario Bel (Osijek)
Attendance: 13.175
Hajduk - Inter Zaprešić 3:1

Hajduk - Inter Zaprešić 3:1

22/9/2019 - 18:15 h
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  • Posavec
  • Juranović
  • Ismajli 71.
  • Simić
  • Čolina
  • Nejašmić
  • Bradarić
  • Hamza 27. 46.Jurić 47.
  • Caktaš 41. 89.Eduok
  • Jradi 74.Teklić
  • Jairo 86.
  • Frelih
  • Bosec
  • Tatomirović
  • Grgić
  • Soldo
  • Mazalović 58., 90+2. 90+2.
  • Vego 61.Galić
  • Milinar
  • Ljubić 80.Tsonev
  • Mamut
  • Serderov 49. 90.Mitrović


Damir Burić - Samir Toplak

90+3 End of the match at Poljud. Hajduk beat Inter from Zaprešić 3:1. Well done!

90+2 Mazalović sent off after a second caution for a foul on Bradarić. Inter will play the remaining moments with 10 men.

90 Three minutes of added time.

90 Inter making the last substitution, Mitrović on, Serderov off.

89 Hajduk's last substitution: Eduok on, Caktaš off.

86 GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAL 3:1 Jairo! Inter goalkeeper made a mistake, his punch was too short and Jairo got possession, he passed to Caktaš who could have shot from 13 meters but he returned to Jairo who easily scored from a better position. 

80 Inter's second sub: Tsonev on, Ljubić off.

76 Serderov's header went wide.

74 Hajduk making substitution: Teklić on, Jradi off.

71 Ismajli cautioned.

67 Mlinar's dangerous free kick from 25 meters went wide.

65 Goalkeeper Frelih saved Nejašmić's attempt from 17 meters.

64 Jairo's attempt from 14 meters went wide.

There are 13 175 spectators at Poljud, of which 715 on the Family stand.

62 Jairo tried a header or Jradi's assist, Frelih saved.

61 Inter making the first sub, Galić on, Vega off.

60 Bradarić's powerful shot from 16 meters following a corner kick was blocked by the away defenders. 

58 Mazalović cautioned.

49 Serderov scored for 2:1. Hajduk lost possession in the middle, Inter's forward ran towards the goal on the left side and scored.

47 GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAL Stanko Jurić immediately scored for 2:0! Jairo crossed to Caktaš, who passed to Jurić and he scored immediately after entering the game as a substitute on half-time break.

46 The second half has started, Hajduk made one substitution, Jurić on, Hamza off. 

45+1 End of the first half. Hajduk leads 1:0 thanks to Mijo Caktaš, who scored from a penalty kick in the 42nd minute.

45 One minute of added time.

42 Jairo's attempt went wide.

40 GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAL Hajduk - Inter 1:0! Mijo Caktaš scored for a lead.

39 Ismajli was fouled, referee Bell awards penalty kick to Hajduk.

39 Caktaš hit the post following a corner kick cross.

35 Jradi had a great chance to score on Juranović's assist, goalkeeper saves. Corner kick awarded to Hajduk.

32 Čolina dribbled past three Inter players and sent a return pass but none of his teammates was at the right place.

27 Hamza cautioned.

18 Great chance for Hajduk! Juranović took a corner kick, Nejašmić tried a header from 10 meters, Vego strong header clears the goal-line.

16 Jairo's ahot at Bradarić's assist went wide.

13 Juranović crossed to Jradi, his attempt from 12 meters ended up in the back of the net.

10 Inter is defending with 9 men while only Serdarov is outside their penalty box, Hajduk dominates possession but no danger for the away team so far.

1 The match at Poljud has started, good luck Hajduk!

22/9/2019 - 18:15 h
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