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Coach Burić after the match with Gorica

Coach Burić after the match with Gorica

2/11/2019 - 20:40 h
First Team
Photo: Robert Matić /
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Hajduk played this week's second match with Gorica and lost both with the same result. After the Cup 2:1 defeat, today they played the championship fixture and again lost 2:1. After the match, coach Damir Burić said:

"Same scenes, same mistakes from our side. Gorica again showed how good they are when it comes to scoring, they easily do that and with great efficiency. We must learn quickly, we are repeating our mistakes. We had a chance to score a leading goal in the first half and be those that will dominate today's game but we didn't make use of the chances that we created. The second half was different, both teams had their chances. Gorica scored another set piece goal. You must take advantage of your chances if you want to win, congratulations to Gorica, it seems that we didn't learn anything from the last game. We made incredible mistakes, it feels like it was very similar to the Cup match. We now must move on, say one another what we need to say and in the next home game with Osijek show that we are a good squad. That presentation from our home games must also be copied on the away games, with more courage and sense".

2/11/2019 - 20:40 h
First Team
Photo: Robert Matić /
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