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1931 – 1940

The 1930s were not a particularly successful period for Hajduk, with three second places in championships during this decade. However, the Whites toured the world and had great success in numerous international friendly matches, a common practice in this period prior to international club competitions

The 1933 season was one of those in which Hajduk finished second, but the club had the league's top goalscorer. Vlade Kragić, known for his "shot of death" scored 21 out of a total team's 41 goals.

Leo Lemešić was the next Hajduk player to be crowned as league top goalscorer, with 18 goals in the year 1935.

Material from publications by Jurica Gizdić used with permission: Hajduk in Official Competitions, 100 Years of Hajduk, Hajduk's Presidents and Hajduk's Coaches. The History of Hajduk by decades was prepared by Dag Baldasar.

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