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1921 – 1930

1923 The first state-level championship is taking part in Yugoslavia. Hajduk is the only team in Croatia and former Yugoslavia (both pre- and post-WW2) that has played all first league championships.

1924 There is hard to find another example of any national team playing with no less than ten players from the single team. That's exactly what happened in 1924, when Yugoslavia played against Czechoslovakia with the entire team from Hajduk, except goalkeeper, since Otmar Gazzari was an Italian citizen and was not eligible to play for the national team.

1926 Premiere of the operette Queen of a Ball, composed penned by the great Split composer Ivo Tijardović in occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of the Whites' founding. Hajduk is thus probably the only club in the world which has its own operette.

1927 Hajduk won its first national championship. The Whites came second in the following season, but Ljubomir Benčić won the individual honor of the league's top scorer, having scored nine goals.

1929 The second title-winning year for Hajduk.

Material from publications by Jurica Gizdić used with permission: Hajduk in Official Competitions, 100 Years of Hajduk, Hajduk's Presidents and Hajduk's Coaches. The History of Hajduk by decades was prepared by Dag Baldasar.

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