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Hajduk and Macron extending successful collaboration

Hajduk and Macron extending successful collaboration

5/3/2020 - 13:16 h
Photo: Robert Matić /
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Hajduk and Macron signed a sponsorship extension today and they are continuing a successful collaboration for the next four years, which will make it last longer than one decade. Macron and Hajduk have started their collaboration back in 2013 and with today's extension that was signed by Hajduk's President Marin Brbić and Macron's CEO Gianluca Pavanello, it will last at least until 2024.

"It is a great honor and pleasure to extend the contract with our current technical sponsor Macron. With this extension, Macron will remain our partner for more then 10 years, making this company one of the longest-standing sponsors of the Club, which is self-explanatory when it comes to our satisfaction with the cooperation so far. Of course we also had offers from other major brands, but Macron has offered the best conditions and we believe that Hajduk will keep having unique jerseys and sports equipment, recognizable not only in our area but also around the world" said Marin Brbić.

Macron CEO Gianluca Pavanello expressed his faith in an even better and more successful collaboration in the coming period.

"We are happy that after seven years of successful collaboration we are continuing to work with Hajduk. I was here for the first time in 2013 and this third extension means that we are doing a good job. We are very happy with the relationship that we have with Hajduk. It's a club with a big fan base, we share the same passion for football and Hajduk is a club that we enjoy collaborating wuth. In the last few years we have grown as a brand, by UEFA ranking we are currently in third place in Europe and Hajduk is one of the key clubs for our growth in this area" said Pavanello.

5/3/2020 - 13:16 h
Photo: Robert Matić /
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