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Central part of Hajduk's 109th birthday celebration

Central part of Hajduk's 109th birthday celebration

13/2/2020 - 12:00 h
Photo: Robert Matić / HNK Hajduk

The central part of HNK Hajduk's 109th birthday celebration was marked by two important events from Hajduk's history. 75 years ago, French President Charles de Gaulle proclaimed Hajduk the honorary sports team of Free France, and 25 years ago, the team and management of Hajduk was invited to a private audience with Pope John Paul II (today St. John Paul II). On this occasion, the latest book whose author is Hajduk chronicler Jurica Gizdić "Hajduk and the World" was presented, which, apart from these two major historic events, also describes numerous other meetings with foreign officials, as well as guest appearances of the team and officials across Europe, Africa, North and South America, Australia, Asia...

The project of the future Hajduk Interpretation Center and Poljud Museum, located below the East stand of Poljud Stadium, was also officially presented. Through a series of interactive interpretive elements, visitors will walk along three floors (basement, ground floor and first floor) and learn about the centuries-old story of sport in Split as well as about Hajduk and the unique architectural story of our stadium - the Poljud beauty.

Poljud was crowded today with our dear guests who joined us to mark the 109th birthday. On behalf of the Republic of France Ambassador Gaël Veyssière arrived at Poljud and was welcomed in French by Boro Primorac, Director of HNK Hajduk Youth Academy "Luka Kaliterna". The Archbishop of Split-Makarska, Msgr. Marin Barišić also addressed everyone, as did former Croatian Ambassador to the Holy See, Ivo Livljanic, who played a major role in organizing a private audience with John Paul II in 1995, as well as Mons. Nikola Eterović, now an apostolic nuncio in Berlin, whose jersey and book were given today to his brother Pero. Of course, there were also representatives of the City of Split led by Mayor Andro Krstulović Opara, numerous former players, Hajduk friends, sponsors and partners...

The following former Hajduk players joined the birthday celebration: Ivica Šurjak, Tomislav Erceg, Aljoša Asanović, Luka Bonačić, Mladen Matijanić, Ante Žaja, Siniša Fulgosi, Ivan Gudelj, Hari Vukas, Jurica Vučko, Igor Tudor, Stanko Mrduljaš, Vlatko Đolonga, Darko Miladin, Darko Butorović, Ante Ivković, Tonći Baranović, Bogdan Kragić, Pero Nadoveza, Željko Mijač, Lukša Poklepović, Nikica Cukrov, Goran Šušnjara, Vinko Begović, Boro Primorac, Joško Spanjic, Zoran Roglić, Stipe Balajić, Drago Ćelić, Srđan Mladić etc, coaches Vojmir Kačić and Josip Skoblar.

13/2/2020 - 12:00 h
Photo: Robert Matić / HNK Hajduk
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