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Supervisory Board elections: Members chose 12 candidates in the first round

Supervisory Board elections: Members chose 12 candidates in the first round

24/11/2018 - 21:34 h
Photo: Naš Hajduk
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Naš Hajduk members today elected 12 candidates who are proceeding to the second round of elections for Supervisory Board of Hajduk. On December 15, the second round will take place and seven of them will become new Supervisory Board members. 

4.997 members voted with a total of s 8.666 votes, and the whole process passed without difficulties and in a democratic atmosphere.

"I would like to thank the members who voted in the first round. Also a big thanks to all volunteers for sharing their knowledge and time with us and for effort they put into organization, so that everything can run smoothly. Furthermore, thanks to all media representatives who reported about the elections so far in a fair and proper way. I would like to thank Hajduk for providing the necessary resources and finally, I would like to thank each candidate who participated these elections" said the President of Naš Hajduk Toni Baletić.

Ranking list (name, surname, number of votes):

1.  Benjamin Perasović, 6,948

2.  Denis Alajbeg, 4,971

3.  Krešimir Krolo, 4,215

4.  Nino Martinić, 3,789

5.  Sergije Popović, 3,648

6.  Ante Armanda, 3,642

7.  Marko Mustapić, 3,415

8.  Denis Burmaz, 3,095

9.  Tin Laušić, 2,818

10.  Ivica Močić, 2,317

11.  Duje Malenica, 2,198

12.  Davor Živković, 1,818

13.  Marko Erceg, 1,747

14.  Miroslav Maletić, 1,597

15.  Ivan Olujić, 1,538

16.  Stipe Sumić, 1,411

17.  Željko Šundov, 1,339

18.  Zoran Jakus, 1,274

19.  Antonio Kuzmanić, 1,260

20.  Mario Meštrović, 1,136

21.  Miroslav Delić, 1,008

22.  Marijo Paladin, 1,003

23.  Željko Kovačević, 823

24.  Ivica Tešija, 791

25.  Stjepan Luetić, 788

26.  Marlon Macanović, 767

27.  Dražen Ivanić, 692

28.  Mate Jukić, 614

"Members who registered for the first round can vote in the second round of elections. Since today there were a lot of questions about the registration for the next round, I would like to confirm that all other members can register for the next round from Monday, November 26 to December 10, 2018 and we invite everyone to do it as soon as possible" explained the Secretary of Naš Hajduk Luka Domikulić.
24/11/2018 - 21:34 h
Photo: Naš Hajduk