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Istra 1961

Istra 1961




Day 21
Venue: Pula, stadion Aldo Drosina
Date: 19/12/2015
Referees: Domagoj Vučkov (Rijeka)
Attendance: 1.654
Pula: Istra 1961 - Hajduk 0:2

Pula: Istra 1961 - Hajduk 0:2

19/12/2015 - 18:48 h
Photo: Miro Gabela /
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  • Iveša
  • Gojković
  • Ojdanić 34 46Repić
  • Žižić
  • Đurić 66
  • Mišić 46Pamić
  • Heister
  • Vuković 82Zolotić
  • Kasalica
  • Nikolić
  • Bounha
  • Stipica
  • Juranović
  • Velazquez
  • Milović
  • Milić 12
  • Jefferson
  • Tudor 89Mastelić
  • Sušić 52 82Bašić
  • Caktaš 86
  • Maloku
  • Bencun 85Bašić


Robert Rubčić - Damir Burić


MAXtv First League, round 21 match between Istra 1961 and Hajduk was played today in Pula and Hajduk won 0:2. This away match was the last one in the first half of the season, as from tomorrow the team will take a winter break before they get back training on January 11, 2016.

This season, Hajduk was defeated in Pula 4:1 in the round 3, but today we watched a completely different match where Hajduk dominated throughout the game and didn't let the opponents create goal chances.

The first goal was scored early in the match, in the 12th minute. Hajduk took a lead after Milic, Caktas, Bencun, Susic and Tudor made many quick consecutive passes and combinations to create a goal - scoring opportunity for Hrvoje Milic, who easily scored at 10 meters distance.

In the 51st minute, Tino Sven Susic scored for 2:0 victory of Hajduk on the assist of Marko Bencun, who created this goal opportunity.

In the closing part of the match, head coach Buric decided to give young players Josip Basic, Toma Basic and Ivan Mastelic a chance to play this last match before the winter break.

It was a debut for a young striker Ivan Mastelic, this season a regular starter and top scorer of Hajduk II.

19/12/2015 - 18:48 h
Photo: Miro Gabela /
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