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No agreement between Hajduk and Ultra Europe

No agreement between Hajduk and Ultra Europe

10/6/2019 - 22:23 h
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For more than two months we have been insisting on finding a solution to protect HNK Hajduk's interests, as we will be forced to temporary leave Poljud  because of Ultra Europe festival taking place at our stadium in July, which will create additional significant costs for the Club and lead to a situation of potential financial loss. At the same time, also with the aim of protecting the interests of the Club, we want to provide a pitch that will be adequate for UEFA Europa League qualifiers and HR First League matches that we will play very soon, already in July.

Despite all that, unfortunately, no progress has so far been made in negotiations with Ultra Europe representatives. Any further postponement of finding solution creates additional huge complications and new unnecessary costs to Hajduk in sports and organizational areas.

Marin Brbić

President of the Board

10/6/2019 - 22:23 h
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